Section 1:  How to Build the Spine & Ribs

Section 2:  How to Build the Muscular System

Section 3:  General for Most of Fish:


Section 4:  General for Most of Fish: 


Section 5:    How to Build the Heart

Section 6: How to Build the Brain

Section 7:  How to build the first part of the

Digestive System

Section 8:  How to Build the Excretory &

Reproductive Systems

Section 9:  How to Build the Anus: Connecting the Digestive,

Excretory & Reproductive Systems

Section 10:  How to Build the Gill Rakers and Pharynx

Section 15:  How to Build the Skull

Section 1 Worksheets
Secction 3 Worksheets
Section 4 Worksheets

Section 16: How to Build the Teeth

Section 17: How to Build the Mandible, Attach the Teeth, and Attach Mandible to Skull

Section 18:  How to Build the Skin, Scales and

Lateral Line 

Section 19:  Tongue and Esophagus

Section 20:  Eyes

Section 21: How to connect large blood vessels and 

large nerves to all parts of fish 

Section 5 Worksheets

Section 22:  How to Add Labels to the Parts of the Fish

Section 6 Worksheets
Section 7 Worksheets
Section 8 Worksheets
Section 9 Worksheets
Section 10 Worksheets
Section 15 Worksheets Part A
Section 15 Worksheets Part B
Section 18 Worksheets Part A
Section 18 Worksheets Part B
Section 19 Worksheets
Section 2 Worksheets Part A
Section 2 Worksheets Part B
Section 21 Worksheets
Section 14 Worksheets Part B
Section 14 Worksheets Part A
Section 13 Worksheets
Section 12 Worksheets Part A
Section 12 Worksheets Part B
Section 11 Worksheets

Section 14:  How to Build the Fins

Section 13:  How to Build the Gill Covers and

Attach them to the Fish

Section 12:  How to Attach Completed Gills to the Pharynx and Attach the Pharynx to the Fish

Section 11:  How to Build the Gill Filaments and Attach them to the Arches

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