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Jonathan Barron would like to thank all the students who appear in, and whose role was so critical in the creation of. the videos featured on this website. They include, in alphabetical order: Reina Aguila, Antonio Brown, Patricia Huitzil, Jose Lona, Jennifer Mitchell, Daniel Romo, and Jonathan Solano.


 Barron would like to thank the Los Angeles History Museum for allowing him to film these students building the project in order to create this online how-to website.


Barron would like to thank the University of Hawaii Curriculum Research and Development Group for granting him permission to include images from the Living Ocean textbook on this website. 


Barron would like to thank Joy Wolf, Director of Education for Sea Wold San Diego, for writing the Forward Section on the homepage.


Barron would like to thank Mrs. Alise Richel Adler, who listened as Barron told her about this project, and who first came up with the idea - and provided the critical spark - for Barron to create this website.  


Barron would like to thank Ms. Katherina Tran for her help in preparing several of the preliminary version videos.  He would also like too gratefully acknowledge Marcela Flores, Web Designer for voluntering her services in creating this website.


The Hawai’i Marine Science Studies (HMSS) program is a one-year multidisciplinary course set in a marine context for students in grades 9-12. There are two companion student books, The Fluid Earth and The Living Ocean, which explore the physics, chemistry, biology, and geology of the oceans and their applications in ocean engineering and related technologies.  HMSS is a product of the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) of the University of Hawai’i.  



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