Jonathan Barron is not a medical or veterinary professional and is not a professional ichthyologist. He makes no warranty as to the quality of the educational methods on this website or in these videos with regards to being scientifically accurate, or for that matter failsafe, educational tools for modeling anatomy. These represent Barron’s application of general physiological principles to teach children in a broader sense about the overall roles of the different physiological systems of the body of a fish.  


The fish he has chosen as a primary subject for this project can be found in The Living Ocean textbook by the University of Hawaii Curriculum Research and Development Group, as shown in the various images from that book which are shown in these videos and are included in the accompanying worksheets.


Barron welcomes the input of any educational or scientifically trained professionals. He is open to editing this project as time goes forward to make it more scientifically accurate, as long as such edits are truly warranted in his estimation. Any edits considered for addition by Barron will have to be teachable in terms of being a feasible part of the fish models project.


This project is designed with the primary goal of making extremely detailed physiological modeling easy to understand and fun for secondary school students.

Previous Names:

This project was previously named "Barron Fish Models."  

It was presented as a workshop at the 2007 CSTA conference under the name

"Life-Size Anatomical Fish Models from Simple Materials."